Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Made up story: The flood in G.I

Covering G.I was an enormous flood, everyone ran outside of their houses!
There is a boy called Johnny, he lives with his nanny. Her name was nanny Agather. Nanny Agather was inside putting all the furniture, the t.v and everything they had on a higher ground.

Nanny couldn’t do it by herself. So she ran outside calling out “Johnny, Johnny come and help me!! He heard, but then he was stopped by a bully saying “You have to stay here and do a belly flop. If you do it, you can go and help your nanny. But if you don’t, I’ll take all your money”. Johnny was scared.

Nanny Agather was getting a little cranky so she tried again.“Johnny, Johnny come and help me now!!” She went up stairs and looked out the window searching for Johnny. “There he is” she had spotted him. Nanny Agather went back downstairs to go and drag him home.

Walking outside Nanny saw Johnny, he was about to jump. “3, 2, 1!!! GO!” the bully yelled. Johnny jumped from the window towards the flood, putting his hands behind his head. He knew that his stomach would be the first thing to touch the water.

“SPLASH” Johnny was under there for like 5 seconds. Nanny Agather was worried. “Wooh” Johnny puffed. He came up thankful that he hadn’t been hurt. He said to his nanny “I’m sorry for not listening, I’ll come and help”.

Johnnys Nanny turned to the bully and said”DO NOT BULLY MY GRANDSON AGAIN!!!”.
They both went inside the house and carried all the things up stairs.

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  1. What a funny story Jo! I laughed when I read it...but its so true - you must always listen to your nanny/nana/mama. I hope there's never a flood like that in GI. You should ask Papa or Mama about the flood where we lived in Petone, Wellington. Good story bub - and thats right - Bully's are bad and should be told off if they are bullying you or other kids. good girl. Mum x