Friday, June 27, 2014


Q: What is echolocation?How does it work?
Echolocation is how bats navigate during dark to find food.
When you click the sound waves travel and when hits and object it echoes and bounces back.  

How do animals such as bats, whales and dolphins use it?
Bats use their mouth or nose to send out sound waves. When there is an object somewhere close to the bat it will bounce back to their ears. The cool thing is by echolocation the object that bounces back to them, they’ll know what size, shape and texture.

How is Ben Underwood able to ‘see’?

Ben Underwood uses echolocation by doing clicking noises with his mouth. He doesn't use his eyes, he uses his ears. So he locates to places by clicking with his mouth, and when it hits an object it bounces back and he’ll know where to go.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sound Animation

This is my animation about sound. It is about how sound travels through air to your ear.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Extension Learning

In extension we had been given a task to make a movie and share what we have learnt in term 1, from week 3 - 10. Hope you enjoy!


Today in Extension Mrs Tele'a gave us a task to draw a house. When we finish drawing our houses we had to rotate clockwise and we had to make something Bigger Add something or Replace. BAR. Here is my house.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Report Photo

This is my report photo.

My leg

It is so sad because I am not able to play any sports until next term because I have sprained my leg during netball. I am going to miss netball and my rugby tournaments. I was really looking forward to this rugby tournament but I can’t. Now I go to Physio and train my leg to get better. I have been on crutches for about 2 weeks but now I have started walking. My leg is still weak and I can’t run. But luckily the term is nearly finished and I can play some sports next term.

I broke my leg 2 min after the game started which was not cool. I had to stay out for the whole game. My leg was iced and had put on a bag and Mrs Nua was telling me what R.I.C.E stands for. Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation and the doctors told me as well. So I just need to ice more and do exercises that Physio gave for me to do to get my leg better.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

My grandma getting an award from the Queen

I just want to congratulate my grandma Mrs. Lealofi Setefano for getting an award from the Queen, Queen Elizabeth. Not only her but other people around NZ. My grandma has been recommended by the three Members Of The Parliament Peseta Sam Lotuiiga, Alfred Ngaro and Vui Mark Gosche. We are very thankful for them three for the happy nominate.

She, my grandma has got an award from the Queen for helping the community, working hard for the kindercare especially working hard for our church. Our family is very proud of my grandma because she has worked really hard, and this medal is very hard to get. My grandpa already had his. Now its my grandma and we are all proud.

My mum in Samoa first found out, that's how we found out. She rang us and told my grandma, and my grandma was very happy. We celebrated my grandmas hard work by going to Valentines. All our family came and they were proud. My grandma is a hard worker, she works hard for our family.

Valentines was awesome. My grandma had a very good time celebrating her medal from the Queen. Everyone bought her flowers and gifts. She was filled with happiness and a smile was always on her face. My aunty told me that this medal, this award is very very big and a huge honour.