Friday, June 27, 2014


Q: What is echolocation?How does it work?
Echolocation is how bats navigate during dark to find food.
When you click the sound waves travel and when hits and object it echoes and bounces back.  

How do animals such as bats, whales and dolphins use it?
Bats use their mouth or nose to send out sound waves. When there is an object somewhere close to the bat it will bounce back to their ears. The cool thing is by echolocation the object that bounces back to them, they’ll know what size, shape and texture.

How is Ben Underwood able to ‘see’?

Ben Underwood uses echolocation by doing clicking noises with his mouth. He doesn't use his eyes, he uses his ears. So he locates to places by clicking with his mouth, and when it hits an object it bounces back and he’ll know where to go.

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