Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Seated Volleyball at the London 2012 Paralympic Games

"Wow", those ladies are very cleaver. I thought they would be on wheel chairs, but actually they sit down. This sport is not called"Indoor Volleyball" it is"Seated Volleyball".

The ladies are sitting down because they have no legs. Some of them has fake legs and some have just one leg. The referee and the others with real legs made the net lower so they can reach.

It will be pretty hard for me. Maybe it's hard for them too, because they have to move around.
So here is a movie of it how it goes.


  1. Hi jordenne
    I really like reading your volleyball store it was
    really intro and I enjoy watching the the movie
    of how it goes. and keep up the good work. From Ofa

  2. Hi Jordenne
    Isnt it wonderful?! that despite not having legs, they were still able to represent their country at the Olympic Games watched across the world. Very inspiring :)

  3. These people are such an inspiration for us able bodied people who sometimes take for granted things like being healthy and able. We learn great lessons from this team - that anyone can represent their country if they set their goal and work hard. Nice story Jo. Mum x