Thursday, September 27, 2012

Auckland Champs for Rugby at Eden Park.

Winning the Final for rugby. The 2012 Auckland Champs ran happily out New Zealand's biggest
stadium Eden park, finishing playing Viscount. We got a prize from a lady and a man who works there.

As they gave it to us, I just felt so proud of us winning the final against a really hard team.
Lucky me I got a try!! I was the winger, so I was fast. Getting a try just felt like freedom.

We went back to school, and told everyone and Mr Burt. He was very proud of the true champions.
So we got change and we all went to our coach Miss V and shouted "THANK YOU MISS V

She felt very happy. Miss V said in an exciting voice"Group hug". So we hugged Miss V
and went back to class. I might play for next year!!!!

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  1. Congratulations Jojo on your team winning the rugby! You must be a very talented and skilled team to win the Auckland finals! Malo lava! so proud of you and your team - and especially cause you got a try too! If you're the wing then you must be your Dad and your brother - CP! they were so happy to hear how well yous did in the Rugby! Your teams are doing so well in the sports that you play...Pt england School must be so proud of all of yous!. Great work. Mummy x