Monday, September 10, 2012

Netball Prize giving


 "Asena, it is our turn" I said. "The winner for the year 5 is..... Pt England!!!!
            Leading my champions to the stage, people were cheering and the lady gave us our medal.
            Whispering to myself I said, "Arn't we suppost to get a cup?. " Well nevermind at least we came 1st!!!          

          When we all got our medals, a man told us to smile because he was going to take a picture.
            "Smile, say cheese" the man said. "Cheese" we replied.

            Walking off the stage I felt happy and confident that we won this amazing prize.
            Our coaches, teacher's, school especially and our parents were proud of us.
            We were too!!! So winnig this prize made us feel HAPPY!!!!


  1. Hey Jordenne,
    Wow our Netball prize giving was great watching other schools and areas standing up and getting their prize was so cool. The most exciting thing that I liked about Netball Prize giving was getting our pirze our medals. Keep it Up jordenne I can't wait to hear more from you Best Friend.


  2. congratulations bub! you and your team did so well! Thats what happens with hard work. Malo lava le faamaoni ma le faamalosi. All of us here are so proud of you and we look forward to more netball prizes in the future! you know that we're all cheering for you here in Samoa - dad and the kids. Great work baby. Love you. Mum x

  3. Hi Jordenne,
    Great job!!!
    Your team really deserved to win.
    Missing you guys lots,

  4. Well Done Jordenne,

    You improved a true gold medal, its awesome to be a champion right? I actually thought that you were an amzing player in the championships. I loved how you described your story with our coaches and about being proud. GO FOR GOLD