Monday, September 17, 2012

Farewell Mrs Verry

In our school their is a queen. She is the queen of bling! Her name is Mrs Verry.
Our teacher, neighbor especially our kind loving friend. She was retiring!!!
We felt really sad.

On Friday was the day for her to leave. She retired because of her knee was broken. She had an operation. It was a very special day for her because we did a dance for her retirement.
There was a Samoan dance and the Junior Pounamu did a haka. I was in the Samoan dance.

First Mr Burt came up, and told us about our friend Mrs Verry. He said that she was a SUPER GRAN!!!

As Mr Burt ended his story, Mr Jacobsen came and we sang a song that says "I love you". We sang it and when it was time to say I love you we all pointed to Mrs Verry.
She was really HAPPY!!!

"Iiiiii Loooove Youuuuuuuuu!" That was the end of the song. It was a very good song for her. It was time for the Junior Pounamu to perform.

All the Samoan girls were excited because we were next. We were all ready with our clothes. This Samoan dance represents all the Samoans and saying goodbye to Mrs Verry.

Our performance started with a speech. Toreka was the last one, as she ended her speech they all went to give the necklaces to Mrs Verry. I was in the middle of the first line. This is a video of the Samoan girls.



  1. Hi jorden i love the way you were danceing on firday. and yes we will miss mrsverry so much i wiil to.i love your drees .

    by patricia

  2. Yes - its always sad when one of your favourite teachers leaves. Mrs Verry has obviously worked as a teacher for a long time and Im sure yous gave her a wonderful send off with your dancing and singing. Oh well - you will just have to find some more favourite teachers!!!
    mummy xxx