Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Made up story-The annoying wave

While building an amazing sandcastle at the beach, an annoying wave came and ruined it.
So I moved away, and built another one. “Much better no more waves in my way” I said happily.

As I finished building my amazing sandcastle, I walked to my mum and said ”Hey mum, look at my castle. Isn’t it amazing?” My mum turned around and saw nothing. “I can’t see anything” she laughed. “What! It was right there” I screamed. “Wait, it was the wave again”.

Angrily, I walked to the wave and started to kick it. “STOP RUINING MY CASTLE!!!! I HAVE BUILT LIKE MORE THAN 10 CASTLES AND YOU HAVE RUINED ALL OF THEM!!!”. Jumping on the wave, it pulled me under and I began to drown. “Help! Help!”.

I was having a fight with the wave, and it was winning. It was so deep that I kept on shouting ”Help! Help! Help me!”. My mum heard me and saw me drowning. So she ran towards me and grabbed my hand. Trying to breathe, I popped up and landed on the sand.

“Thanks mum” I said. “Don’t go too deep, ok” my mum replied. So I built another sandcastle.
I looked away quickly and looked back to my castle and it was all gone. I kept my anger inside me and breathed slowly. “Wooh”.


  1. Hi Jordenne
    I really like your amazing writing about the wave ruining your sandcastle it was really funny I hope you do a better one like that.

    keep up the great work Jordenne From Asena.

  2. Im glad that its a made up story and not a true one!!!! Good story and I can just see you getting angry at the waves! ha ha...good use of descriptive words Jojo and I really enjoy reading your stories. Keep up the awesome work bub. Luv mum x