Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Write a horror story about an Arctic inventor who ages 20 years in one day.

Once upon a time there was an Arctic Inventor whose aged 20. One day she came home from work and found her Mum in the kitchen. “I have a headache Mum”, she complained then she
went straight to sleep.

As she woke up she saw kids running around the house. “Who are these kids?” she asked herself sleepily. One kid ran up to her, and said something very very hard to understand. The inventor bent down closer to listen. The little girl repeated her sentence. “Hi mum.” The arctic inventor watched as the little girl skipped back towards a swing.

The arctic inventor was frightened. She had no idea what was happening
“I’m just a young woman who is 20, ok is this kind of like joke,” she reminded herself as she wandered to look for her Mum.

The arctic inventor saw an old woman. “Hello, who are you? “I’m your mother” she replied.
The arctic inventor went to the mirror and looked at herself. Suddenly the mirror crack'd. “This has got to be a joke” she said as she went to sleep again.

The next morning she went to the kitchen to have breakfast. As she walked in, she saw an old woman lying on the floor. She turned it around and it looked like an 80 years old. This is all some dreams. She went to the mirror looked in but it cracked before she could see her reflection. “This is too weird” She thought as she went back to bed.

The next morning. Oh no wait there was no morning, she is dead.

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  1. yes - that is a horror story!the poor inventor! Maybe you're watching too many horror movies ay Jo? too much CSI! ia ua lava foi le matamata CSI aea! :-)
    You're getting really good at writing long stories now. Keep up the awesome work! alofa atu. Mummy xxxx