Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Jordenne Swimming Recount

“Swimming time, amazing!”. Nothing excites us more than swimming time! Lucky I bought my togs. “Oh no I forgot my goggles” ! Well anyways, I guess I’ll have to bring them another day.

Walking down to the pools with excitement, I wondered if the smell will be different this time? If it isn’t, well too bad. Staunching my way inside, Miss King told us to keep our hands to ourselves.

Running to the changing room, I started to dress into my togs. Quickly, I went to my first lesson and  slid inside the pool very slowly. Ohhhhhhh” I shivered. “Hi” My instructor said. She never told us her name. First she gave us the board. “Arms at the top and heads up high” She commanded.
As I paddled my way to the end suddenly I stopped. My legs were tiring and water was coming in my eyes.

Hopping out of the pool, I went back to the changing room and dressed back to our uniform.
What a hard lesson we had. “Ohhh” It was finished. Lucky there’s another lesson tomorrow.

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  1. Dont forget your goggles when you go swimming again. How many lengths can you do now? Im glad to hear that you enjoy your swimming lessons. It must be getting too cold to go swimming at the pools soon. Keep up the good work with your swimming bub. Love you. Mummy