Friday, May 4, 2012


We walked to the the pools,
Far away from school
I was glad but miss king was mad
Going inside, I really wanted to glide,
But we weren’t allowed,
Because Miss King would growl.

Putting on my togs,I jumped like a frog.
Swimming many lengths, I wanted a big breath
We had a race, I went at an amazing pace.
I love swimming.


  1. Hi jordenne,
    I really love that you made those kind of rhyme
    It makes me laugh and smile I wish I get to do those kind of rhyme well good by all my friend

  2. Hi Jojo
    Nice rhyme - and good to see that you're learning to swim! Be careful in the water ua iloa and dont go in the deep end until you can swim really well. I love swimming too - and remember I used to love going to GI pools when I was at school too.
    alofa atu