Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Thank you Chris and the Watersafe Auckland for giving us a chance to swim in your pool once a week.It has been fun swimming and learning how to be safe in the water, and it has been a great experience having it. One of our teachers has looked after your pool, and that is Mr Garth Jacobsen and Mr Malloy.

We have been learning so much that I think everyone is going to be safe in the water. Our class has been learning how to float in the water, treading water, has been learning about the life jacket and especially keeping yourself safe.So thank you for your lovely fun pool that you have given us to learn water safety. I enjoyed it!!!

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  1. its great that you have had the opportunity to learn to swim and safety in the water...especially with the summer coming up and the holiday season. maybe you can go swimming with CP when he comes over. Have fun bub! love mum x