Friday, December 14, 2012

Prize giving 2012

Finally the time has come for me to get another prize like last year. Last year I got effort, and I don’t know what I got now.
Anyway, this is about this years prize giving. The prize giving was about to start.

Everyone was all getting ready for their time, to dance or get an award and their dance.
All the kids looked so pretty and handsome. Heaps and heaps of families were waiting for their cousins/siblings/nieces or nephews to dance.

Mr Burt walked in and started the prayer. Finishing off his prayer, he told us a really short korero. He said that once we had $100. That $100 was for our Netbooks. But guess what, 1 Netbook cost $500. So we couldn’t get the Netbooks. Suddenly our parents wanted to help us. The parents paid $1.5 million and the $3 million is from the other people who wanted to help us. So altogether we had $4.5 million.

So Mr Burt brought more than 700 Netbooks form that big money. Next he talked about our sports. We have won so many things. 10 minutes later, he finally finished. The first performance was the Kapa Haka group. Toko came up and spoke Maori.

When they finished their lovely performance, Mr Burt came up and said “Now it’s the yr 5 awards”. He said for best effort Sela Mapapalangi. Citizenship and 100% for coming everyday Jordan Alofi andIron 100% coming to school too!. When Mr Burt finished all those awards I said to myself “Where is my award??”.

Mr Burt was up to the Academic awards. “Drum roll please” Mr Burt shouted. “In 3rd place Iron Talia. In 2nd place Jordenne Eteuati” I was so frightened when Mr Burt my name and that I came 2nd. “In 1st place Iisa Salie”.

Iron, Iisa and I walked up the stage to get our award. I was really proud of myself.
“Wait there people want to take pictures” Mr Burt said. I smiled because people were some pictures because I came 2nd in Academic.

We went down and gave our awards to Miss King. “It is time for the yr 5 item”.
As everyone was cheering team 4 which was us went up silently and got into our positions.
“Lets Rock” I said. The song started and we jumped up. It was the best prize giving ever!!!

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  1. Wow,
    Great work Jojo. And congratulation for getting a prize I thought that I was going to let one but that was a whole different story.

    From Lesieli....