Monday, December 24, 2012

Getting the presents ready

Walking inside Sylvia Park, I looked up and saw heaps of elves hanging down from the ceiling
as well as tinsels and mistletoes. Getting off the elevator, the shops was full of people
gathering around the counter trying to pay for their things.

My 3 cousins, my aunty and I went to a shop where heaps of dresses were. In my family
we done secret Santa, so we are all getting our presents ready. My big cousin and my aunty
went inside while me and my other 2 cousins were waiting outside.

"Go get some food it is going to be boring" my big cousin asked, her name was Neta. "We will stay with you" my cousin Hosannah answered. 3 minutes later my aunty and cousin were still inside.
We were so tired.

"Finally, they are out" I said happily. Inside their bag was dresses. We walked to another shop where heaps of jewellery were. The shop was called Michael Hill. That shop was right next to the food court.

My aunty bought a ring. "Let's go and eat" I asked Hosannah. "Yeah" he replied. We told
my aunty that we are going to the food court. My cousin and I had 10 dollars each.

"What can we get for 10 dollars" Hosannah asked. I never replied because I was looking at all the
yummy food. I went to Mc Donald. Hosannah went this shop where you have butter chicken
but he never baught that.

From Mc Donald I got a small Mc attack with a fanta drink. I went to Hosannah, he was still
deciding what to get. "Go look for a chair" he said to me. "Ok" I replied. I found a empty spot,
I sat down and waved my arm to my cousin. He waved back.

As he finished buying his food, he came and sat down.  We started to eat our food.
About 5 minutes later my cousins and my aunty came. They had heaps of things on their
hands from their shopping.

They came and sat down for a rest. "Did you guys already eat your food?" Neta asked.
"Yeah" we replied. My 2 cousins and my aunty went and brought some Mc Donalds.
We started to get really seeing them eat.

Finishing their food, they all came and sat down. My aunty Lana saw us looking at them,
so she gave us $1.20 each. Hosannah brought 2 ice cream for himself, just like me.
I started licking my ice cream.

"So beautiful" I said. When we all finished our food, we went to our car to get ready to go home.
We all hopped in the car and went home.  It was FUN!!!

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  1. What a busy day at Sylvia Park! It must of been so packed! Im sure it was very tiring. Where was CP? Who was your secret Santa Jo? Good girl for keeping up your writing on your blog over the holidays. Malo lava bub. love you x