Thursday, June 6, 2013

Jordenne writing.

Once their were 2 men walking around Antarctica. Those 2 men were explorers, and their names are Jason and Sam. As they walked along, a cold strong wind came and they got scared. But then Jason said to Sam”Sam, we are too strong for this wind, we can make it to the end’’

Sam and Jason walked along as the wind came closer and closer to them.”Hold on tight” Jason said to Sam.
Then the scaredy cat grabbed Jason's hand and held it really tight. “3,2,1!!!” “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”.

There was silence. Sam got up and looked for his buddy, then he saw something moving in the snow and crying. It was Jason!! Sam got his hand and pulled him up. “Really Jason, too strong for the wind. You were the one screaming”.

The 2 explorers were still walking. “A penguin!!” shouted Sam seeing a real penguin for his 1st time.
“Oh wow! It is just a penguin”, I know it your 1st time. “But I have seen a penguin heaps of times. And they are really attractive”

Sam and Jason walked towards the creature. Jason went up to it and grabbed its beak. Then slowly the penguin jumped up and bit Jason’s nose. Sam held on to the penguins flippers and tried to pull it off of Jason’s nose.
Jason’s nose was so red.

“Are you alright” Sam asked. “Yeah” Jason answered.  “I thought you said they were really attractive” sam said. “They were” Jason replied. Then the two buddies walked back to their helicopter. “Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh another wind”. BLANK!!

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  1. Nice story Jo. I think you fulfilled the success criteria. The two adventurers sounded like they were having fun - and they sound like they are very good friends! Keep up the story writing. Nice work bub. Mum x