Thursday, June 13, 2013

( Sela and Jordenne's Narrative) A dumb explorer who meets beyonce.

Once there was a man named Pete. He was an explorer, he was a dumb explorer that had been exploring the forest for YEARS and YEARS. While he was traveling, he suddenly heard music playing out of nowhere. Pete felt happy and started dancing. He hadn’t noticed that voice before.

He tracked the music by his ears. Then he found so many Monkeys dancing. Pete started laughing at them because he said they were no good. Then Pete started showing them how to dance.

He stopped dancing, and saw so many paths, he wanted to go to all of them but he knew there was only one way to go to where the music is coming from.  But then stupidly he went to the path on the left and came back with ripped clothes.
He went to the other path on right and came back with bare feet. Everywhere he went it was Dangerous.

Finally he had the chance to walk through the path in the middle that didn’t look bad at all. Walking with damaged body parts Pete started dancing even more and FINALLY saw Beyonce!!! He smelled with shock and also Danced very HARD with her too.

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  1. mmmm....what a funny story!!! ha ha
    A good narrative story with a good ending! I like dancing too. Very creative writing. Keep up the good work! Mum x