Wednesday, June 12, 2013

20hr Famine 2013

"Hello, 2013 20hr Famine team" Mrs Tele'a said. For the 20hr Famine was to try to be like peopel in We had a sleepover at our school.Papua new Guinea,Bougainville. Our team was fundraising for them. I was in yellow team with Raenan, Louis, Kaycee and Kingston. We were playing all sorts of games like charades and pictionary and watched some videos from Papua new guinea.

Later on, all the ambassadors who went to Bougainville, Papua new guinea came to our school to tell us all about them what they eat, what they do and all the other stuff. This woman called Devin came last year. She helped us with games.

All the ambassadors went away and created a game for us. While the other two stayed, those to woman were the ones who we saw in the video, Mandy and Yong. They are very young about in the 20s. Anyway's they were telling us about how it felt like in Papua new guinea. Seeing people just eating one food everyday, and people sick from that.

I put my hand and asked them who did they interview. Mandy interviewed these two best friends Martin and Sawa. She said that they were Martin had a house full of holes. After all those story I felt like helping them.

Devin came and started telling us the game that we are about to play. She said that our whole group has to act like a family. Because its going to feel like Papua new guinea. 5 minutes later, the game was about to finish.

We all went back to the library and started saying good bye to the crew. After that we watched a movie, Wreck-it Ralph. Our bed time was suppose to be 10:30 but since we watched a movie, we slept about 12:30.

The next day we all packed our bags and started to leave. And it was the year 8's last 20hr Famine in Pt England. It was AWESOME!!!

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  1. What an excellent learning experience and at the same time having some fun. Its a good reminder of how lucky we are to have food unlike many who have very little. I used to do the 40 hour famine when I was young too. Good on you Jojo for participating for such a good cause. I bet you went home very hungry! :-) Malo sweetheart. love mum x