Monday, July 16, 2012

Olympics Ideas!!!

In term 3 our theme is Go For Gold. The teachers chose Go For Gold because it is a Olympics and it is going to be at London. Pt England are trying to Go For Gold. This is some of the sports, pommel horse, discus, weightlifting, volleyball, running, canoeing, boxing, diving and more.

Do you know any athlete that is going to compete in these Olympic games? Well we do. Some of their names are Valerie Vili and Steve Redgrave.


  1. Hi again Jordenne,
    Sounds like an awesome topic!!! Our class is learning a lot about the Olympics as well. We are making a poster about one country participating in the Olympics as well. Be sure to post lots more about what you learn at the Olympics.

  2. I like that topic too! Go for Gold! that means do your best - in anything - sports/school/Church/home. The Olympics have been really exciting aea. Good Luck to NZ and especially Samoa. have fun learning about the Olympics. And theres lots of lessons to be learnt from the athletes - to always work hard to achieve the best results! Mummy xxxx