Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Outta This World

Wow! I saw heaps of teachers wearing costumes like aliens. We walked inside the hall for the Immersion Assembly. Mr Burt told us our topic, it was called “Outta This World”. Then he told us a Maori legend. It was about a man named maui. He used the consolation of the stars. Just as Maniakalani.

When he finished we moved on.
The first performance was team 1. They were wearing yellow sun shining costumes. Their play was called Here Comes the Sun. They didn’t perform they had a video about the sun. We watched it until it finished.

Next it was team 2. There costumes that they wore was space helmets.Their song was about the earth. Team 2s dance was pretty funny, especially Mrs She. They danced like aliens and robots. Then we moved on to team 3.

There one was about what food do astronaut eat when they are hungry and how do they go to the bathroom.
So we watched about it. Astronauts eat macaroni cheese During team 3s video I was so excited about team 4s performance. Then we watched until it was team 4s turn.

Wow! I saw team 4s costumes and I thought it was amazing. When they walked up the stage, I saw my teacher Miss King wearing ballerina costume and other teachers. Hahaha! I saw Mr Samervolle and Mr Marks wearing a wig and a skirts. Mr Sumervolle was the guitarist and Miss King and the other teachers were the ballerinas. They sang twinkle twinkle little star. It was lovely.

As their were dancing they had turns each to do their ballad moves. After their dance we moved on to team 5s video. It was star worse. There video was so funny that everyone was laughing!!!
They are very good at acting. We watched it on and on until we went back to class.

My favourite one was team 4s.

I can’t wait until we write about our topic. Outta This World.

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