Monday, October 21, 2013

Retelling An Organic Orchard

Marjorie Clark runs an organic orchard in Kerikeri. Rather than spraying her orchards to keep them healthy. She explained to the school journal editor how organic growing works..... and well.

Marjorie Clark thinks nature is like a whole lot of see-saws. Everything in her orchard is balanced, just how she wanted it to be. She asked, "If you take a big weight off one see-saw, what will happen?". It will go out of control. Just how she used sprays and artificial fertilisers. And she thinks that using those things affects nature. It upsets the natural balance of things.

When she first began not spraying her orchard, things went really wrong, the insect pests that had been killed by the sprayers were coming and all the fruit was being harmed and going rotten. She nearly even got out the sprayers at one point but didn't.

Then the green beetle came, a lot of people in the North are having trouble with them. Green Beetles can be a real problem to orchardists and nut growers. 1 year or 2 the green beetle had almost disappeared from her orchard.   

At the end it all went back to the way she wanted it to be. People has been coming and buying my fruits because its organically grown. She said that if you want your dream to come true. You will really have to believe in something. Then your wish will be granted.

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