Thursday, October 24, 2013

Making Pizza

In Extension we made pizza and it was based on Labour Day. But first we had to plan on what to put on the pizza and get a partner. I partnered up with Iron. Our first idea was pepperoni then cheese......well obviously we do need cheese on our pizza so it doesn't taste dry. Then ham, capsicum and pineapple.

When we finished writing it was time to make it! Iron got our dough. "Put it down here" I said to her. While she was doing that I went and got the potato paste and spread it around the dough. Next we got the 8 pieces of pepperoni and that represents 8 hours of workers (we couldn't really see the pepperoni after putting on the cheese because our teacher Mrs tele'a spoilt it by growling us to "PUT MORE CHEESE ON!!!!")

I went and got the ham, 1 big piece of ham. So Iron cut the ham and made it into 28 pieces and do you know what that represents? It represents how 28th of October is Labour Day! Capsicum....well we put the capsicum on because it taste yummy just like the pineapple.

After putting all those ingredients on the dough, it was time for it to go into the oven for 15 MINUTES!!!! Iron and I waited and waited until Mrs Tele'a told us it was ready. We walked to our pizza and it looked so BEAUTIFUL!!!

Mrs Tele'a gave me the knife to cut it. I cut it into 8 pieces and that again represents the 8 hours of workers. "Who wants to be nice and take it to one of the teachers?" We all said me. Iron and I were thinking of a teacher. "Oh I know Mrs Nua" We walked into her office and gave it to her. "Hope you enjoy it" We said and we walked back to the kitchen hall.

Next we wanted to give it to our teacher Mrs Tele'a. But then she said "Oh I know you should give it to Miss King she sent someone to give it to her. From the door Miss V came and looked at all of our pizzas. "Those look beautiful" she said. So we thought we could give her one. Iron grabbed one and handed it to her.

It was fun working with Iron! And especially making pizzas for Labour Day!


  1. Hello Jordenne,
    Wasn't it just fun making pizza's to celebrate Labour Day? I really liked being partners with you. We worked as a team and as soon as we finished making it we ate as a team as well:)! Our pizza tasted yum and we had fun making it!

  2. Hi Jordenne, great writing. Yes, I did enjoy making pizzas, even though I wasn't with you. I am sure that your pizza would have tasted delicious!
    Keep up the great work!

  3. This pizza was delicious! I do hope you managed to learn about Labour Day and will be sure to share this information with more people. Isn't great that we had and have people in NZ who make it their job to make sure workers work the right hours. It all helps make NZ the great place it is!