Monday, October 21, 2013

Laser tag and Bowling


“Wake up! Wake up!” Lana shouted. We all stood up and started cleaning our beds. I ran to the bathroom and started brushing my teeth while all of the boys were watching TV. Quickly I wiped my face with the towel and started changing.

Lana was doing our breakfast. “Wow!” I walked to our sitting room and saw heaps of food on the table. I ran and sat down with all my cousins. Before we ate we did the prayer. When we finished the door opened and my cousins came Senila and Samuel.

“Saaaaam!” shouted my cousin Esrah excitedly. “Are you hungry??” Hosannah asked them. “No thanks” Senila answered back. Lana and Fou went to Fous house. When we finished eating we ran outside and started playing.

Xavier rode on my bike and we all played with my rugby ball. About 1 hour later my grandpa shouted “We’re going now, Lana and Fou is here.” Senila, Xavier, Eden and I hopped into Lanas car and we were all squashed. All the other boys were coming with my grandpa.

Off we went. While we were on the road we were talking about how excited we are! “We’re here!” Xavier shouted. We all hopped out and ran inside. We went to the check-out centre to get our tokens. As soon as we got our tokens the boys came. There was one boy missing Samuel.

He had to stay because the car was full. My grandpa went back to get him. When he came that's when the craziness started!!!!

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