Friday, October 18, 2013

Story tell 'My Tale'

Once there was a little girl named Sina who ran away from her home. Because her mother keeps on growling her.

So she ran off without getting caught by her parents.

A few day later Sina found a home in the middle of nowhere. She walked inside the house and there was a porridge.

She was so hungry that she ran and grabbed a spoon and started eating.

Then she went upstairs and fell asleep.
While Sina was sleeping the door flew wide opened and….3 people came inside.

It was a family of 3. A mother, father and a son. The mother heard something. It sounded like someone was snoring. The mother held the kid back and tracked the voice by her ears.

The mum checked everywhere. But there was only one more room that she hasn’t checked. Her little son’s room. The mom walked slowly and peeked through the door. She was frightened because she saw Sina lying on her son’s bed. The she screamed! "Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!" BLANK!

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  1. Hello Jordene,

    Great post about your tale! It had heaps of vocabulary and it was just awesome!