Monday, November 4, 2013

My Narrative Test

This is my writing test:

“Hhhhh” shivered Caleb. Caleb was all alone walking on the foot path with no one by his side. He was going home. It was nearly evening, there were dogs growling and birds going back to their nests. It got darker as the moon replaced the sun. Caleb opened his front door and grabbed a bucket because he forgot to milk the cows. So Caleb got a torch and walked out.

Some of the cow were asleep. Caleb had about 21 cows and only about ⅓ of them were awake. He didn’t bother waking all the other cows up. “Ssssss” Caleb stood up and got his torch up. “Who’s there!?” He looked around with his torch shining on the cows. “uh uh… hello, uh who’s there?” Caleb looked behind him and a cow was staring at him. He was so frightened he ran in his kitchen chucked the bucket on the floor and hid under his blanket.

“Hwaa” Caleb yawned. He walked into the kitchen and saw milk everywhere on the ground. Caleb was too tired to clean it that he walked over it. He staggered outside, to check if the cows were alright and to milk the cows. Caleb felt weird because every morning they always make lots and lots of sounds, but now its all silence. He walked and saw cows surrounding something. Caleb pushed through the cows and saw 1 cow lying on the ground. He fell on the ground and got his phone and called the vet. “Hello, you need to come quick my cow is sick!” and he rang his friend Tommy too to come and look after the cow.

The vet people came as well as Tommy and walked to the cow who was sick Sandy. Thats what he Caleb called her. They put her inside their car and went off with Caleb. “Is she going to be alright.” The vet person Sally and Michael looked at Caleb and said “Sandy is uh…..pregnant” Caleb’s eyes went wide.

When they got to the vet centre, they put Sandy into this room. “I’m sorry Caleb you're gonna have to wait here” Michael said while putting his hand Caleb’s shoulder. Caleb sat and waited for 2 whole hours. “Moooooo!” Sally came with something on her hand. Caleb stood up and looked. “Is she alright?” “Yes” nodded sally. “Sandy is gonna have to stay here for about a week with her baby, then you can come back” Caleb walked out feeling happy and went home.

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