Saturday, November 30, 2013

My grandparents 44th anniversary

On Friday the 29th of November it was a very special day for my grandparents. It was their 44th anniversary. And in the morning we woke up and we all did a short prayer. Then my aunty, cousin and I went and made breakfast. My aunty made pancakes, spring rolls while my cousin and I setted up the table and put the cereal on. When we finished putting it all together, we called them to come and eat. As soon as they walked in and saw the food that we have presented for them....their eyes went wide. They sat down and we all did the prayer first then we ate. "Hhhhmmm....this is the best breakfast!" My nana said while chewing her pancake. When we ate it all we had to go change for school. Since there were some spring rolls left we took some for school.

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  1. Hello Jordenne,
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