Monday, August 26, 2013

My cousin Kitione's 5th Birthday!

"Wooooooooooh!" I shouted while I slid down the slide. Yesterday on the 25th of August we celebrated my little cousin's 5th Birthday at......CHIPMUNKS!!. His name is Kitione. Kitione's actual Birthday was on the 20th.

His favorite thing in the whole world is Spider Man. Kitione even wore a Spider Man costume there. And even cooler he had a Spider Man cake. Everyone was playing on the playground (kids not adults).

I was on the big slide with my cousin in-law Sia: 14, a girl from my church Sulu:12 and my cousin (a boy) Sana:12. "Come on and climb" I said to my cousin while trying to hold on to the rope. Finally we got to the top of the slide.

There were heaps of little kids on top but not sliding down. "Hurry up and slide" My cousin shouted at the little kids, well about 7. When they finally slid down it was our turn. I was holding Sia's ipad to record and take pictures of the Birthday.

"Woooohooooooooo" We all slid down. "Everyone its time to eat now" Taupea said on the speaker. We all went and sat down. But all the little kids sat on the small table. Kitione sat on the Birthday chair and we sang Happy Birthday as soon as he blew the candel.

"Happy Birthdaaaay to yooouuu!!" We ended the song and Kitione sang a Samoan song. He sang a song that was made up in his pre-school. He actually sang to songs. I took heaps and heaps of pictures. When he finished, we did the prayer and ate.

We went up and got some food. They looked yummy! I took photos of the food. Sia, Sulu, Sana and I went and sat back down. "I'll get some drinks" I went up to my uncle Livingston and asked "Can I have 4 drinks" He gave 4 to me and I went back and sat down.

"Thank you" They all said to me. We started eating and talking. As soon as we finished eating we stood up and was about to go to the playground but then Taupea said "There are some desert on the table" We looked at each other and we ran to where the deserts were.

I was so full so I didn't get any. But there was heaps of yummy stuff. I was just playing games on the ipad. "Lets go now" We went back to the slide and slid. The slide is the best part of the playground. Because its big.

About 8 minutes later my grandpa called out to me and said "Get Sana we are going home now" I gave the ipad back to Sia and said bye to them and went to the Exit and got some party bags from my cousins Zina (Sana's sister) and Vanila.

But we have to take a photo. "Bye" It was awesome!!


  1. Ooohhh jo that's a good review of what happened at tiones birthday
    If your wondering who's this it's sia and that was a really fun night

  2. Sounds like a fun party with lots of yummy food and drink. Kitione has grown up so fast just like Mua who turned 5 just before him. Reminds me of the time we all went to Chipmunks. Good Fun! Nice story of the birthday. mum x