Sunday, August 18, 2013


Last Tuesday was our 3rd to last Netball game challenging Revelation. I don't actually know what school they are from. Revelation team are coming first and we are coming 4th. Our team, the Red-ferns wanted to play hard.

So when the whistle blew the Center which was me passed the ball to Meleane and she was Goal Defense. The time went on and it we stopped we finished the 1st quarter. Now it was the second quarter. It went on and on and our game finished.

The final score was.....22-15. It was a great game. But even though we are coming first we still had fun! I can't wait ti'll this Tuesday...because we are gonna go serious! 

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  1. good game jo - but I think your team needs to play serious every time. Good to see that you enjoyed the game and looking forward to your next game. Keep fit and healthy so that you can play well. Drink lots of water too and not fizzies. mum x