Monday, August 5, 2013

Eden Park

"GO FOU!" I shouted. On Saturday my auntie, cousin and I went to Eden Park. My auntie Lana who is 19 and my cousin who is older than her and she is 21. We went their to watch my uncles (my aunties boyfriend). He was in Varsity under 20's rugby team.

His name was Fou and he was number 11. My uncle got the ball and ran and got a try. Lana my auntie was so HAPPY!! They were challenging College Rifalls, and they were in the lead. "VARSITY...VARSITY!!" All the Varsity supporters shouted.

But the College Rifalls supporter and the team members were swearing at the referee. They were drinking beers. It was nearly full time, and it was down to 33-35 to College Rifalls. "Breeeeeeb!!" The whistle blew.

The College Rifalls team won! After it time for the prize giving. They gave them their medals and the Varsity didn't get any. So after that we went to the big field. We were at Eden Park but they didn't play inside. So then we went inside and watched Varsity vs Pakuranga under 21's.

About 8 minutes later the Pakuranga team got a try. My uncles neck was sore. So we went outside to our car but there was nothing. "Uhhhm wheres our car?" My cousin Feu said. "Go ask those men's" Feu said to my uncle Fou.

My auntie Lana ran and looked for the car. Fou and my cousin was sorting it out with these men, they are the ones who tows the cars. I was hoping that our car didn't get towed. "Wheres our car!?" My uncle said angrily.

The man answered and "Sorry but it has been towed" Fou was so angry. My auntie Lana ran back. One of them had to go with the driver who takes them to where our car is. Heaps of people who came to the game had their car towed.

So we went and got it back and went back home. Then at night Varsity had their celebration. GO VARSITY!!

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  1. so is Fou a good rugby player? as good as your brother CP? ha ha
    that would of been a shock to see the car gone. oh well lesson learnt - make sure you park your car in the car park areas and not where you're not supposed to ay! I hope you cheered nice and loud. love u. mum x