Monday, August 5, 2013

The Hare and the Tortoise

Hi my name is Slow poke, and one day I was munching my grass as usual. Then, this Hare came to me while I was eating and said "Hey you Cabbage head....Lazy head" But he said other mean words, but I didn't care.

Then a fox came along and asked the Hare and I if we could have a race. We went to the starting of the line and got ready. I crawled so fast that I won!  Since I won I shouted so excitedly "Woooohoooo I won the race!!"

The next day Speedy was just wondering around and I was just nodding my head reason.
Speedy bounced to me and said "Come on you lazy thing. Is that all you do for your excersize to nod your head all day long?"Speedy was surprised I don't nod my head when I go to sleep.

Their was silence because I didn't answer the question that Speedy asked me, because in my mouth their were lots of cabbages inside. So it was full. And because I was chewing so slow. Again a fox popped out of the hedge row while he was scratching his flea bites and said to Speedy"Did you know that the Tortoise had Hibernates?"

"Hiber what??" Speedy asked. "Hibernates" said the fox trying to correct the Hare (Speedy). "It means that the Tortoise goes to sleep for the whole winter." "What?! The whole winter?" The Hare said. "He might be the laziest creature on earth" The Hare said again.

It was quite easy to mock me. But I didn't really bother because I was eating my cabbages, and chewing it very slow. But the friendly fox who knows it all stood up for me.

"Mostly he will be around when we are both gone. And when it is passed 100 years, the Tortoise can still be around" The fox exclaimed.


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