Thursday, December 12, 2013

2013 Reflection

This year has been awesome! My teacher has taught me a whole heap of things! For writing: When you finish writing a story, you always have to read it and re-craft it before they proof-read it. For reading: Reading helps you with writing. You can always learn new words. And more! For Maths: Maths has been a challenge for me. We learnt some new skills/strategies for how to work out a hard questions. So to make a hard question an easy question.

I learnt how to communicate with others when I need help. To share the learning that you have created! My friend has taught me to always stick up for each other. Never let people down and to always be happy! One of my friends which was Hannah taught me to always be there for each other when they are feeling blue.

When people ask me for help, I always encourage them to strive to succeed. Just like our Pt. England logo “Strive to Succeed”. Encourage them to reach their goals, encourage them always do the right thing and encourage them to follow their dreams! 2013 has been really fun! It has been a real challenge for us. But next year I am a year 7 and it will be bigger!!

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