Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Trip to: Kelly Tarltons

Kelly Tarltons was so fun! We saw heaps of creatures.....normally from the sea. Acctually all of them were from under water. We went there to learn about Antarctica. Investigating new things we didn't know about the coldest,windiest country in the world.

Our groups walked into a class. In that class, there was a women named Janice who taught us lot about Antarctica. What I learned from her was that there was a man called Scott. He was the first..... well atcually the second person who had been to Antarctica. Imusdent was the one who came first, right before Scott.

How did Scott get to Antarctica you ask? Scott went there on a boat that Sir. Edmond Hillary built. In Antarctica the Americans had there own base called the Mc Murdo. They had 3 bases, but the biggest was Mc Murdo. Even NZ had their own base called the Scott base.

All of there buildings were green. Why? Because it reminds them of the green grass in NZ. It was quite a smaller base than the American one. 

They had heaps of recycle bins. One of them were named after the Skua bird(Skua bin). It is called the Skua bin because Skua birds goes inside and eats whatever they see in there.

In those times they wore way differnt clothes than us. One of our students went up and tried the clothes that Scott had woren. And another wearing the clothes that we where this time. Scotts clothes didn't really look warm.

They had a something that protects their face from the snow. Imagine the freezing snow went on your face and it dries on it, if you try to pull it off then your skin will come out. So thats is why they made something to protect their face.

After having a great time learning with Janice we went and looked at some more creatures. My favourite part was seeing all the penguins and learning with Janice.

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  1. Lucky you getting the chance to go to Kelly Tarltons! I have never been there and would like to one day go. It sounds like you also learnt a lot about the animals underwater and Antartica. Good one! Great to hear you had a lot of fun there as well as learnt new things. Mum x