Sunday, July 14, 2013

My mum going back to Samoa mum just left and feel quite sad. But not really because she is coming back on October and my dad is coming on September Yay!! I am so going to be happy then. When I went to the airport I said goodbye to her and I didn't cry because I knew that she is going to come back. And I am going to keep in contact with them on my mail. My brother and I are going to mail each other. I just came back and already miss her. I really had fun with my mum, and she was awesome!!!

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  1. yeah - I had fun too bub hanging out with Baby girl ay! I enjoyed going to your parent teacher interview and was so pleased with your report. Keep up the good work Jo - Dad and I are so proud of you. I miss you too but like I said - you'll be seeing Dad in September and me in October! Enjoy your holidays. love you. mum x