Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Our shared lunch

"Hhhhhhmm" I said while eating the doritos. Our Netball team had a shared lunch. We are called the Red Ferns. The food that our coach Harry and our manager Yvette was so yummy. You know what they did.....they did not get any food from the shops they made food from their house. Like pasta,jelly and some spaghetti on bread. Very smart.

Our whole team enjoyed the lunch. But now it was time for the certificate. Harry our coach said "If yuo want your certificate you will have to dance first." We all the started to laugh. "No, no I don't want to dance" Ofa said. He called out 2 people at a time.

Harry called out the first two people and it was Ofa and Meleane. Meleane stood up and walked up like a ganster. But then went it came to dancing she was just shy. Just like all of us were. And it kept in going and going. Until it came to the end.

Bell rang and all of us went back to class. I was still eating my cupcake and drinking my fizzy. It was really fun!!

                                      THANK YOU YVETTE AND HARRY FOR COACHING OUR TEAM.
                   RED FERNS RULE!!

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