Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My mum from Samoa

Last night my mum came from Samoa at 11 o'clock at night time. I was awake during that time. My Nana and my Aunty went to the airport to get my mum. As you know or don't know I don't live with my family. I use to but not anymore.

My parents thought it would be good for me to come to NZ and have a great school. When my Nana and Aunty went I  went to my other aunty who is the youngest out of the family(my mum's sister) and watched movies with her. She is just 18 turning 19.

I was lying next to her. It was 10 o'clock I was suppose to sleep but I wanted to wait for my mum. We watched 2 movies. But we didn't finish the second movie. So after that I went to my grandpa in the sitting room. He was by himself.

So I went and slept. I felt something and I woke up and it was my mum. I hugged her and went to the room that we made for her. There I slept with her. I was so HAPPY!! I haven't seen her for a long time!! Well sometimes I go Samoa and visit them and come back. But I still I'm happy that she came.

And today she is coming for the parent interview.

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