Thursday, July 18, 2013

Movie Night and State of Origin

Did you watch the State of Origin last night? I didn't because we had a movie night. But I just kept on checking the points. My aunty and uncle and cousin's came to my house and watched some movies. There were only 5 of us who were watching the movie, because my uncle and aunty left and my other cousin the oldest grandchild watched State of Origin.

So our movie started and the first movie we watched was 2012. Do you know what that movie is about? It is about the world ending. So when the movie nearly finished I went and looked at the points for the State of Origin. When I looked at it, the game just started. But then I stayed there for a little while......"Noooooooo" I shouted. I walked back to the other sitting where the movie night was and started to be silent.

"Why did you shout no? Did QLD get a try?" my aunty Lana asked. "Uhhhmmm....yes." I replied. My aunty and my cousin Esrah shouted Yay! While I was facing downwards. 2012 was finished, ESrah went on the computer searching for other movies.

"Do Despicable me" Lana said. "Yay'' my two little cousin yelled. So Esrah pressed Despicable me and went and sat down. I was still angry that QLD got a try! So during the movie Despicable me I fell asleep. "Zzzzzzzzzz"

I woke up early in the morning and remembered the State of Origin. So I hopped out of my bed and went to the TV. I got the remote and went to the State of Origin. I fast forward it at the end. And guess what?.....QLD WON! "Noooooo" I was so upset.  

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