Friday, July 26, 2013

Watching movies at the Holiday programme

Today for Holiday programme we watched movies and had shared lunch. I bought biscuits and 2 chips. We watched Night at the museum 2. It was so awesome. Then after that we watched Avengers. But that movie was even better.

Their were heaps of super hero's from the Marvels in there. Like Iron man, Thor, Hulk, Captain America and these two other people. They join together as a group and then they just called themselves the Avengers.

The funniest hero's were Thor, Hulk and Iron man. Captain America was just the good one. Anyway, it was time for us to eat. I went up and got pizza and just a drink. It was yummy!! When the movie finished, Lagi(the boss of the Holiday Programme) gave us a notice because there is a programme after school.

When she finished telling us that she prayed and we all went back home.

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