Sunday, July 28, 2013

My grandparents are leaving to Australia tomorrow.

Tomorrow my grandparents are leaving to Australia. I am going to be so sad and happy. And they are going to be the same as us..sad and happy. Why I am sad is that I am going to miss them, just like they will miss us.

I am happy because they won't  tell me to do heaps of chores.... but I sometimes or most of the times do it. I am telling the truth. And they are happy because their grand kids witch is us, gives them a big headache. So it is good for them to leave so they can have peace and quite.

I bet your wondering why are they going? They are going because they want to have their own Holiday. As you already to have a brake from us grand kids. Since we had a Holiday they are going to have a Holiday too!

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  1. oh I forgot to ring mama and papa before they left. I hope they have a nice break - which they really need and deserve. Give them our love if they ring to check on you guys! Make sure you keep the house tidy ok. Listen to Aunty Pola. Be good. love yous. Mum x