Monday, July 8, 2013

Hannahs Birthday and sleepover!

"1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8" Stuffing the marshmallows inside my mouth I was so tired. I was having a challenge with one of my friends called Leila. Oh yeah I forgot, my friends and I went to my other friend Hannah's house for her 11th birthday/sleepover.

Anyway, there were 6 of us.....well actually 7. It was Asena, Iron, Sela, Leila, I especially Hannah and Hannah's 8 year old cousin Olivia. During the birthday, me and Leila were having a challenge, each one of us gets to have a turn doing an activity. The dad Lama and the mum Maria setted these activities up for us.

I was trying so hard to fit heaps of marshmallows in my mouth. But then we had to stop. "How many did Leila have?" Lama asked. "7" My friends replied. Then he said again asking how many did I have.
They all said 8. So I was the winner.

Now Asena, Iron Sela and I had to go in the spare room and play buzz while Leila, Hannah, Olivia and the parents tries to think where we should go.

"Yay I won" shouting excitedly. I won the buzz. Hannah came and said its time for a quiz. We all walked to the living room and sat down. Lama said that we had to be in a group of three. So the teams were Sela, Iron and Asena. And Hannah, Leila and I. We had to make a name for our team.
The other team were called S.I.A stands for their names and we were called The Legends.

He asked us some questions and we had to write down the answers. At the end when we finished, we had to check it. When we finished Maria and Lama had to tell us the winner. "The winner is..............................The Legends" We cheered and jumped up while the opposition were just clapping.

Now it was time for Iron and Sela's turn for their activity. Their one was eating a Pixi caramel chocolate. It has been in the freezer for 2 nights. Lama told us that the Pixi caramel chocolate was on a  add on the TV.

It was a man who was in jail. The police was pointing a gun to him and said"Any last words?" Then the man said "Can I have a Pixi caramel". So they gave him one and started chewing it. The Pixi caramel was so hard the police men started to fall asleep. So the man in jail escaped.

Behind Lamas back he brought in front of him 2 Pixi caramel. Iron and Sela had to try eat it. "3,2,1 Go" They opened up the chocolate and started eating it. "Ouch!" Iron shouted while her eyes were getting watery.

Iron thought that her teeth came out but then it wasn't. About 2 minutes later they had to stop. And the winner was......



  1. Hi Jordenne,
    That sounds so cool that you went to hannah's birthday that is funny that you stuffed marshmallows in your mouth Keep up the good writing!!! :)

  2. wow - what a fun party with lots of activities. I like the marshmallow activity. happy birthday to Hannah!