Monday, July 29, 2013

Immersion Assembly

"Give team 4 a around of applause" Mr Burt I mean James Taylor said. Today we had an Immersion Assembly. Our theme is "Life's a Stage". Team 4 was us the year 5 and 6. Their act was the Three Little Pigs. When we finished applauding for them it was time for the team 5(year 7 and 8).

Their one was a movie. "If I were a booooy" The song started and it was the year 7 and 8's teachers(womens) acting in the movie. Pretending they were a boy. "Even just for a day, I roll out of bed in the morning" They rolled out of the bed. And the bed was the sick bay bed.

After that, since there was only one man teacher in the Team 5, on the movie it showed him lip syncing saying "If I were a girl" but he was actually singing right in front of us. And on the movie it looked like he was actually singing.

He did his own version of being a women. When they finished we applauded, and that was the best act of them all. "I am James Taylor" Mr Burt said. He was acting as James Taylor. "Have a Good Morning". 

The song started and it was time for us to leave. Team 5's was my favorite.  

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