Monday, July 22, 2013

Holiday Programme

Today I went with my three cousins Esrah, Samuel and Leila went to a Holiday Programme. Samuel and Leila are siblings. Samuel was the eldest out of all of us. It was me and Esrahs first time there, because the Holiday Programme are people from their church(Grace International next to Pak'n Save).

We walked their and I saw no one. But then Leila said "Its not in here it over their in the basketball room" So we walked inside and I saw heaps of kids and leaders who were obviously teens. Since Esrah and I were the new kids we had to introduce ourselves.

"Hi my name is Jojo" I said. "Hi Jojo" Everyone answered. Now it was Esrahs turn. "Hi my name is Esrah" Esrah said. "Hi Esrah" Everyone replied. Esrah knew some of the boys of them comes to his school and his name is Jacob.

Anyway, when we finished we sat back down. And our leaders who does the programme was Lagi and Jeremiah. They were so kind. We had a Amazing Race but before the Amazing Race we had a warm up. It was a relay.

We had to split into two teams. That church was a skate park too (inside and outside). When Lagi finished telling us what to do we finally started. Leila and I were had to do the squats 5 times. "3...2...1 GO!!" We all shouted while it started first with people ran to the half way line on the basket ball court and tagged their team mate and he or she had to do five push ups.

Then it kept on going and going and at the end when it finished the winner was, no one both of our team won! So went back to the basketball court and started to have lunch/freetime. My cousins and I went to the shops. But we went with the leaders, only two Risa and Destiny.

We went to the bakery and brought chips, then we went and brought some drinks then we went and got some sushi.....just for me and Leila. When we finished we went back and had our lunch. "Everyone come back" Lagi shouted.

It was time for the Amazing Race. We each had to have a partner. My partner was Leila. All the leaders went and spread out G.I (Glenn Innes). Lagi gave us a map of where we go. When she finished handing it out we all had to run to the start of the mission.

We got there but we had to wait for Jeremiah, because he was telling us the rules. When he finished as soon as he opened the gate we all ran out. This boy James was ahead of all of us. James was so fit. But I kept on running so fast and I was coming second place. "Leila hurry up!!" I yelled.

Everyone went through this Alley way. And there we found one of our leaders Memory. She said that we had to find 5 pieces of sticks. ''Got 5" I said. Then Leila gave her the paper to sign. "Lets go" I shouted to Leila.

My legs were so sore and I was trying to catch a breath. So I slowed down and looked behind me, and Leila was all the way at the back. I shouted again "Leila hurry up!!" Leila ran next to me and we saw the other leader Julie. Julie told us to find 5 pieces of leaves. James and his partner Jacob were coming in 1st place.

I picked up 5 pieces of leaves while Leila was still running. "Hurry we need the paper so she can sign it" So she speeded towards Julie and gave her the paper to sign. When she finished we ran back and I saw Leila walking. So I encouraged her to come. "Leila come one you can do it!"

Leila and I saw another leader Risa. Risa said "Find 20 pieces of leaves." I grabbed a whole bunch and counted. "1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9..10..11..12..13..14..15..16..17..18..19..20..21..22" I stopped and remembered we just needed 20 so Leila gave it to Risa and signed it.

Running so hard to find the other leader...I looked behind to look for Leila she was just walking. And I shouted "Leila hurry up!". I saw the other two leader Chanella and Destiny. What we had to do was sing a song in front of people who were driving. And try to make them beep the horn.

What me and Leila was the Alphabet song. Everyone who was behind us were catching up. They were just telling them to beep and then they just beeped. But when we told them to beep they didn't beep. So all the people behind us were catching up.

We had to stay their and try to make them beep. "BEEP PLEASE!!!" Leila and I shouted. No one listened then we tried again but we shouted even louder, and one of the car beeped. "Yay" We walked to the leader and they both signed it.

My partner and I ran, I forgot we had to look on the map. We had to go Pak'n Save. There we saw Sammy (its a girl). What we had to do was to sing a song very loud. Again Leila and I sang the Alphabet song.

"A..B..C..D..E..F..G..H..I..J..K..L..M..N..O..P..Q..R..S..T..U..V..W..X..Y..Z NOW I KNOW MY ABC NEXT TIME WILL YOU SING WITH ME!!" When we finished singing the song we quickly gave the paper to Sammy and she signed it.

Now we had to run back to the church but there was one more challenge, and the leader who took care of that was Memory. We had to pick up 30 stones then we had to count how many bars there were on the gate. Well as you know, we all had different answeres.

My cousin Esrah and his partner had 195 and we had 295. Anyway, when we finished doing the last challenge we ran back inside and sat down. While we sat down I took my jacket off because I was so hot! So the winner was Jacob and James.

We came 5th. So when we finished we had some free time. Then we played some more games then it was 3:00pm and it was time for us to leave. It was so AWESOME!!! But even cooler we are going to the Museum tomorrow!!

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