Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Food testings with my cousins

"Uuuuuuhhhm......Marmite?" Leila guessed while eating it. Leila and I played food testing. It was her who is going to be tested so I got the towel and tied it around her like a blind fold. The food I gave her was chips with bread.

Leila's first guess was Marmite. But it was wrong. "Uhhhh...peanut butter?" She said. "No" I replied. Then my other cousin Esrah came in and started playing. "Oh I know its chips and bread" Leila said while taking the blind fold off.

"Wanna have a turn Esrah?" I asked. "Nah, I want to watch" Esrah replied. So Leila got the towel and tied it around my face. Leila and Esrah were getting the food ready for me to taste. "Put your hands out" They said.

I put my hands in front of me and they put the food on my hand. "Hhhhhhhhmm??....HOT....HOT..." I said it was chilly on a cracker. I took off the blind fold and went and grabbed a drink of water. "Hahahahahahahahaha" Esrah and Leila giggled.

And it was Leila's turn. Since they did that I did something else......?

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