Saturday, July 13, 2013

Going to Henderson to visit my grandparents.

"Oh..I don't think anyone is here" My mum said to me. We went to Henderson to visit my grandparents. Anyway,  I had my phone on my mum asked "Text aunty and tell her that we are waiting at her house" So I started texting, her name is Mautinoa for short Noa.."Beep beep" my phone started to vibrate it said Low battery. So I texted fast....''Send".

We waited about 5 minutes then she texted back and said that there was a key in the box across from the door. So we walked to the door and saw a key. My mum picked it up and opened the door. "Oh it's so warm in here" I said while rubbing my arms.

My mum and I went and sat down. I turned on the TV but there was just nothing cool on. My mum was just reading the news paper. "Knock...Knock" I heard someone knocking on the door and it was my grandpa.

I opened up the door and hugged him. My mum came and hugged him too! So I went back and wrote my name on a paper while my grandpa and mum were talking. We waited and waited and waited until my aunty and Nana came.

They bought KFC. "Can I take Jojo?" My aunty said to my mum. Yeah, Jojo is my nickname. Anyway, I had to go with my aunty to go and measure me for her wedding on September. We hopped in the car and went, but first we went and picked up my aunty Sina.

I don't really know her but yeah. We went to the sowing shop and started to measure both me and my aunty Sina. My two aunties and I walked inside. There so many pretty dresses. "Hello dear" the sowing lady said to my aunty Noa. Her name was Monicha.

My aunty Noa knew her form my other aunties wedding. We walked in and started to have a talk. Then she started measuring Sina. When she finished it was my turn. She started measuring my waste and other parts. Then she finished.

I am not going to be a flower girl because I am too big. So that's why I am a junior bridesmaid just like my other cousins. Monicha and my two aunties started to talk about the wedding. "Bye" we said her waving at her at the same time.

We went back and dropped off Sina back to her house, then we went to our house. When we walked inside there were still left over KFC. I went and sat on the table and started eating it. 'Hhhhhmmm...yummy"
My mum wanted us to go to my dad's brother to see his twins.

So my anuty,my mum and I hopped into the car. There house we sort of far away. When we got there we went outside of the car and went inside the house. I saw my aunty, and I saw two babies. It was the two twins, and it was a girl and a boy twin. They were so cute!

My mum went up and carried the girl, and my aunty Noa went and carried the boy. We sat down and the older lot talked while I was watching the rugby game. They talked and talked and talked and while they were talking the day just went darker and darker. And my mum wanted to go back home before it gets late.

We said bye to them and went in the car. "Bye,Bye" we went back to my Nana's house. Now we had to go in our car back to our own house. I kissed my Nana and said goodbye. "Have a nice trip back to Samoa" My Nana said to my mum.

My mum and I went in the car and went for the road. It was so fun!


  1. What a fabulous report of a fun day Jordenne. I have been enjoying reading through your holiday posts so far. The wedding sounds like it is going to be so much fun and I know you will enjoy all the experiences leading up to it as a junior bridesmaid.

    Keep posting :)

    Mrs Burt

  2. We had a good day visiting nana and papa and some of dads family. always good to catch up with them and especially as you're getting ready for aunty noa's wedding. now that you have been measured up you better not put on any weight in case you don't fit your new dress. i know that you'll look so pretty in your dress. dad cant wait to come over for the wedding and to see you. good story of our day together. keep writing and posting. love you. mum x