Thursday, July 25, 2013

My auntie Rivalanas 19th Birthday!

Today is my auntie Lana's birthday! And this morning,everyone in my house woke up early to get her Mc Donalds. Lana was sitting on the chair with my grandpa and grandma. We sang Happy Birthday and she was so happy.

But tonight she would be even more excited. Because we are going to this restaurant called Gengys Khan. Its a really cool restaurant. And we are going to see all our family there.Tonight when I come back I'll tell you all about it!!

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  1. Aunty Lana is getting old!!! ha ha....its good yous all got up early to get the usual McDonalds breakfast! I miss that for my birthday cause its too far and too expensive to do here in Samoa!! ha ha...A big fat Happy Birthday to Aunty Lana from us here in Vaoala. Be good today and do Aunty Lana's feaus ua iloa!!! love yous. Mum x