Friday, July 26, 2013

Eating KFC

Just waiting in the sitting room with Naomi (5 years old). She was playing on the Android and I was playing Miniclip 8 pool on my Netbook. "Knock,knock" We heard some one knocking but we didn't bother to get it.

"I think its Lana" Naomi guessed. "No, I think it Paula" I replied. Then my Nana went to open the door and it was Paula. "Yes, I'm right". She went to the kitchen and on her hand was KFC!! But still we didn't bother. "Jojo, Naomi come and eat" My Nana yelled.

"Yeah coming" I replied back. But then I got distracted by playing 8 pool so I forgot. "Jojo, Naomi come and eat!" My Nana yelled but even louder. That was so loud that it frightened us. I closed my Netbook and Naomi just left it there.

We walked into the kitchen and saw no KFC. "I thought I saw KFC" I said. "Oh Paula had no money" My Nana said, but she was giggling. "Hhhhhmmmm, why are they giggling for?" I said to myself. I looked around the kitchen. "There it is" I said while walking towards it. "Hahahahahaha" They all laughed.

Naomi and I got the KFC and walked to the sitting room. We were so hungry we stuffed it all in our mouths. "Hhhhhmmm delicious!".

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