Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My auntie Rivalana's 19th Birthday tomorrow!

Tomorrow is my auntie Lana's 19th birthday! I am so excited because we are going to Gengys Khan. Do you know that restaurant? Gengys Khan is a really cool restaurant because we get to see them cook and they even make pikelets.

So tomorrow I am going to wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Because I live with her. So excited!!


  1. I can't believe this! It was only a couple of years ago she was a cute little girl in year one :). I really am getting old!

    Wish her Happy Birthday from me and you have fun

    Ms Burt

  2. Hey Jo,

    Tell Lana,
    I wish her a very great BIRTHDAY!!! Thanks Lana for your love and care to me and my family. May God bless you in many more years to come!
    I LUV U!
    Sana and E5 side!