Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hannahs Birthday and sleepover!(Continued)

"And the winner was......Iron" We had to see which one is the smallest chocolate and as you already know who the winner was it was Iron. "Now lets get ready to go somewhere" Lama said. "YAY!" We all shouted. "But where are we going?" Iron asked Hannah. "I'm not telling you" Hannah replied.

We all had to split into three's. I went with Lama,Hannah,Olivia and Iron. And Sela, Asena and Leila went with Maria. As were on the road, Iron asked again"Hannah can you please tell me where we are going" Hannah just ignored and started giggling.

There we saw the Panmure Mc Donald's and the bowling, I was thinking to myself "Hhhhhmmm we might be going to bowling." Iron snapped her fingers and said as we turned into bowling"Hannah, I know where we are going now......bowling"

But then Hannah didn't answer that it was Lama. He said "Well we are" Iron got so excited. We saw the other crew. We stopped and opened the door, our friends car were across form ours. All of us walked into Bowling.

We saw heaps of people. "The first thing we are going to do is...."Lama said while we were all staring at him. "Lazer strike" We all jumped up and started to get excited. Maria got the credit card and payed for the Lazer strike.

All of us had to walk inside this room. My jacket was glowing, because it was white. There was a TV on the wall. It was telling us the instructions, and telling us how use the guns and the gear that we were about to wear.

When it finished we again had to split into three's....well the same team from the quiz. But first we took some photos. The man opened the door for us. It was dark in their. My friends Sela which was my opposition was scared, it was her first time.

But during the game she was so good she kept on shooting me since it was her first time. Our The Legends spread out. I found out that Lama was in their team. I ran everywhere trying to look for my opposition.

I heard something, I was getting shot. I turned around and it was Sela. My gun turned off because someone shot me. I had to wait......"It's on" I said. I ran everywhere trying to shoot them.
But I was too slow. I kept on getting shot.

At the end, we all walked out feeling very hot. We were all sweaty and we smelt like B.O. "It's time for bowling" Maria said. We walked to our spot. As we were walking I was so thirsty. We all wrote our names down on the board.

Hannah was the first one to bowl. We watched her very closely it was going straight but then suddenly she missed. But we still clapped for the Birthday girl. Next it was Leila but on the screen she called herself Liam on One Direction.

Liam bowled but then she MISSED!! She started laughing really hard. Right after Liam it was me Jojo I named it Jojo because that is my nickname. I focused I bowled it looked like it was going for a strike.
It was going from the middle, but now it was a split.

I had to get both of them. I was thinking inside my head "I can't get those two, they are splitted up".
So I waited and started to focus. I went for it and I missed. We all had our turns. When we finished, we had some tokens to play some arcades.

After that we started to get tired. So we went to Domino's to get the pizza that we ordered.  Then we went to the video store to get some movies. We chose Mt. Zion and Parental Guidance.We went back home...then we started Hannah's and Asena's challenge. The challenge was to eat four dried Weet-bix.

"Ready set go!" They stuffed the weet-bix inside their mouths. Asena grabbed all of them and put it inside her mouth. We were laughing really hard. The crums of the weet-bix went on the floor. "3,2,1"
They had to stop.

We all had to go on the table and started to eat. But first we did the grace. After the grace we went for the pizza's. "We are going to make our own desert" Lama said. "Yay". About 3 minuted later, all of our stomach were full.

It was time for us to make our own desert. There were banana's, sprinkles, white chocolates and ice creams and wipped cream. Before we made it Maria came with a big cake with cupcakes around it.
We sang the happy birthday song...but then we found out it on Tueasday July the 2nd it was Asena's birthday.

So she went and stood next to Hannah. Then we sang the Happy Birthday song. After that we made our desert. It was yummy. Our stomach was we went and made our bed and started to watch the movie. It was fun!

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  1. What an awesome party and activities organised by Hannahs parents. I hope you said a big thank you to Hannah parents for having you and for such a fun party. But you must of felt a little sick with all the eating that went on! ha sure Hannah had a wonderful time with some of her closest friends. maybe one day you can have a party like that too and have aunty lana arrange everything - cause shes good at that ay. glad to hear that you enjoyed yourself. mum x