Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Parent interview

Today at 6:20pm, my mum and I went to my school for the parent interview. As my mum was driving I was thinking in my head "I hope I have a good report" I crossed my fingers while we nearly got to school.

When we got there, we hopped out of the car and started to walk to my classroom. We walked inside and saw some parents talking to their child's teacher. After waiting for about 2 minutes it was our turn to go and talk to my teacher Miss Garden.

They talked and talked and talked. My mum was telling Miss Garden about her living overseas in Samoa. So my mum wanted her email her the reports so that she can show it to my dad and my siblings in Samoa.

After talking to my home teacher we went to my literacy. Do you remember my post at the begining of the year. It was about our big classroom. Yeah anyway, my mum walked to my literacy teacher Mr Somerville.

"So Jordenne" Mr Somerville said. My mum turned to me and said "They are pronouncing your name wrong". Did you know all these years all the teachers have been calling me Jordenne. Well that's my name but it is pronounced as Jordan.

My mum told Mr Somerville that my name was pronounced as Jordan then he said "What, you haven't told me that" So he started laughing. Mr Somerville was struggling. After that he started telling my mum what I'm good at and what I am not good at.

So after that we went to my Maths teacher Mr Marks. Mr Somerville told Mr Marks that my name is pronounced as Jordan.  Then Mr Marks replied and said"No I did not know that" My mum and I walked to Mr Marks. He was telling her everything I do.

So it went on and on until we finished. When we walked outside my mum hugged my really tight and said "I am really proud of you". We went back home and told my family.

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  1. yes - what a good parent teacher interview. and an excellent report jo...i was so happy i just wanted to ring dad to tell him that you were doing so well. there is always room to improve especially in your maths and reading so make sure you listen to your teachers suggestions to try and do as many exercises on the netbook because you have a special opportunity that many kids don't have - so use it! :-) excellent night and so proud of you bub. love mum and dad xxx