Friday, July 19, 2013

Just home with my cousins

In my house we do nothing but watch TV. While I was watching my two cousins Senila and Samuel came. "Hi" I said to them. They sat down and watched with me. "Do you want the remote?" I asked my cousin Senila. She was the oldest....... she is 11 turning 12 and Samuel is 9 turning 10. Anyway, I gave it to her while I went and brushed my teeth.

When I finished I went and got changed, and went back to the sitting to my cousins. "Go and make your breakfast" My nana said while she turned off the TV. We all walked to the kitchen. "Should we make Pancakes?" Senila asked.

"Yep" I replied. We went and checked the cupboard while Samuel was just doing nothing. "Oh, there is no flour" We were thinking of what should we do. "I know we should make scrambled eggs" So I got the pan out and the eggs.

Senila was doing the eggs, I was doing the teas and Samuel.......Samuel was just playing the piano. When Senila finished cooking the eggs we sat down, did the prayer and ate. That was a yummy breakfast!

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