Saturday, July 13, 2013

Shopping with my mum.

Today I went to Market in Otara with my mum. It was packed. We went in the morning. The food smelt nice. My mum and I looked around for something's for my siblings in Samoa. My mum is leaving tomorrow. About 5 minuted later I was so hungry because I didn't eat breakfast just my mum.

I asked my mum if we could go eat. Then she said yes. We walked to the takeaway shop and saw a few people there. My mum and I waited in line. When it came to us, we ordered the things that we wanted.

It was nearly time for us to go somewhere else. So we walked to our car and went to the second hand shop in G.I(Glen Innes). My mum went to buy some chairs. After buying chairs we went home and had a rest.

So next we are going to my dad's parents in Henderson.

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  1. nice way to start our day aea bub...eating a steak and egg roll, chips and hot dog! but that's only a special treat - cause its pretty unhealthy. cant wait to come over again and go to the otara fleamarket. had fun hanging out with u bub! love mum x