Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cyclone Lusi

A cyclone was located in Auckland, New Zealand during the weekend. So far , we saw heavy rain , a system of strong winds and a bit of storm.  But we had been expecting  heavy thunder, big tornados , dark clouds and really really heavy rain! This cyclone has been mostly hitting the North part of Auckland.  

But first. What is a cyclone? A cyclone is when high winds and  bad rain come upon us. There are all types of severe cyclones such as Tropical, midlatitude, and subtropical. Other types are mesocyclones, tornadoes, dust devils and steam devils. ( cyclones are all very dangerous! So watch your back! Cyclone can create gale force wind, and that means that the winds of the cyclone are uncontrollable.

The possibilities of a cyclone: Power outages, severe injuries, death accidents, food and water shortages, broken buildings, land slide. Power outages can happen when the storm strikes the power line. Deaths or accidents can mostly happen on the road or outside. Buildings can be tumbled down by trees falling and the gale force winds pushing against the house.

How can I ever be prepared? To be prepared for the Cyclone, it’ll be best to pack some food and drinks , in case you’re starving or thirsty. Close all windows and all doors , so you and your belongings are kept safely. Pack a radio and some battery , to listen what is going to happen next. Especially you need to keep your family safe from the cyclone! Usually in a cyclone , the power outages gets cut off that's why its best to pack a torch or some candles. Don’t forget some clothes!

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